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Nice and smooth! Lovely lighting too (:

Ness playing the Ocarina in PhantomArcades part was the best bit by a long shot!
Good job everyone!


This was exactly what the Madness franchise needed to renew itself and be fresh.. The action was excellent and the different monsters was a great touch! I actually think it was better than Krinkels madness vids.. Sorry Krinkels!

Bloddy brilliant

Already said it over @ DA but.. The effects are just too awesome <3 Especially the fire and smoke! The epic action is just all over the place, and I loves it !

Really funny actually

I laughed the whole time pretty much.. Much sillyness :3 But yeah, the explosion was a bit too long ):
Cool animation though, especially the zoom in at the beginning (:

So great

This is by far the greates series on Newgrounds TO DATE. I never laugh as much xD And strange this is that you keep the story going even if they don't even speak clearly!

Very entertaining!

Music fits really good with the kinda silly and goofy animations! Great job all who were in the collab (:


Think it's one of the best stickfightingflashes on here (: Altough I was waiting for the arena to like.. Expand when the matrix music kicked in. But whatever, the animation was top-notch and very fluid and sound effects sounded super (:

Stone-Steven responds:

Thank you for taking the time to write your review :)

This should've gotten first place

The one that got first was far too abstract and cluttered..
This on the other hand was classy, had cool and fluid animation, interesting prespectives and awesome zombie action xD

Good work (:

So cute

I was smiling the whole movie through, just loved it xD Would be awsome if you could finish it <3

Bobert-Rob responds:

Oh, it WILL be finished, you mark my words... I just don't know how soon it'll be. I've already got it half way done animation-wise, I just need to finish that, put the audio in, and some other stuff... I just have to, you know, get all this other stuff done first before I can even THINK of touching it. Thanks for watching!

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